Woman in office, ordering DME supplies

Transforming Healthcare with Synapse Health: A Revolution in DME Supplies

Synapse Health is at the forefront of transforming the DME industry, modernizing the experience of ordering, sourcing, and delivering medical equipment. With a digital-first approach, our streamlined processes improve accountability, transparency, and efficiency, empowering patients, prescribers, providers, and payors.

Healthcare has changed drastically over the last decade, mirroring the efficiency of many of our consumer exchanges that we know and love today – confirming dinner reservations via an app, tracking and expediting packages, accessing digital platforms that contain start-to-finish services, and more. Synapse Health is no different. In this evolving landscape of healthcare, Synapse Health has risen to the forefront in its commitment to transform healthcare – specifically within the DME (durable medical equipment) industry – making the experience of ordering, sourcing and delivering DME supplies not only more convenient and efficient, but more equitable.

At its core, Synapse Health’s technology-centered solutions improve experience, accountability and transparency for patients, prescribers, providers and payors. With our digital-first, unified process, we’re modernizing ordering DME supplies and home medical equipment. By bringing it into the 21st century, patients receive the supplies they need when they need them, DME providers are able to serve patients without the added overhead, and our system efficiencies free prescribers to focus on care, not paperwork. The best part? It’s all done electronically — any time, any place.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our sights extend beyond traditional boundaries with a mission to revolutionize the industry and a vision to be the driving force for positive change across the entire DME landscape. Synapse Health is positioned to take DME to E.P.I.C. heights, while also staying true to our core values:

Experience: Synapse is committed to providing meaningful experiences, drawing from our collective expertise. We want people to notice how great we make them feel when they work with us.

Partnership: We strive to create and cultivate genuine partnerships that improve the lives of others – especially the patients we have the privilege to serve in their time of need and the teammates we serve alongside.

Integrity: Synapse operates under the highest level of ethics and integrity. We create total transparency within the DME ecosystem by holding each other accountable, listening to and supporting one another.

Change: Synapse embraces and encourages change. We seek to challenge the status quo, break down barriers, foster creativity and develop groundbreaking systems to deliver impactful experiences and value to patients, prescribers, providers and payors.

Your DME Connection

Synapse Health has a solution for every facet of the DME industry. Whether you’re a skilled nursing facility care partner seeking DME supplies for a patient, a clinician placing an order, a health plan looking for a partnership, or a patient yourself, we have a solution that will get you what you need without the headache.

Streamlined Process: Synapse Health’s proprietary technology ensures a streamlined process from order placement to delivery. Orders are efficiently routed to our subcontracted network of DME providers, sourcing the best match for fulfillment. Behind the scenes, the Synapse Health team works diligently on administrative tasks, billing and health plan verification as soon as the order is submitted in the portal(s), expediting care and eliminating headaches.

Synapse Health Solutions

Synapse Equip: The Synapse Equip platform serves as a third-party DME administrator, seamlessly connecting skilled nursing facilities and hospice organizations with a network of suppliers. This digital solution integrates with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, streamlining the equipment ordering process for patients. Synapse Equip goes beyond mere coordination, providing robust reporting, analytics, and consolidated invoices for enhanced efficiency.

Synapse Connect: In the Connect model, Synapse Health takes on the role of the DME provider on record for health plans and payers. This comprehensive service manages the entire equipment ordering process, from order intake to fulfillment logistics and claims submissions. Synapse Connect ensures a seamless and end-to-end experience for all involved parties.

Synapse Room+Board: Addressing administrative challenges in hospices and skilled nursing facilities, Synapse Room+Board is a groundbreaking initiative. This fully integrated solution alleviates the headaches associated with pass-through billing, offering reconciliation of records and rates, as well as expediting payments.

Through innovative solutions and a patient-centric approach, Synapse Health is reshaping the landscape of healthcare, one order at a time. Whether in a care facility, through hospice or at home, we’re connecting patients to the care they deserve.

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