We partner with DME providers throughout the nation to supply our customers with the equipment they need in an ethical, efficient manner.

We’re on a mission to transform the DME industry with innovative solutions that improve experience, accountability and transparency for all. This is exactly what our solutions do for you as a DME provider.

As your partner, Synapse Health will…

Eliminate claims and audit risk for your organization.

Accelerate cash flow, eliminate bad debt and unlock volume for providers. Partner providers can say goodbye to claim submissions with our system.

Streamline the delivery and fulfillment process with our completely digital portal.

Generate growth and increased market-share.

Ensure compliance regulations are met and up to date, keeping patient information private and secure.

Here’s a look into our partnership with Accurate Healthcare (Nashville, TN).

"Partnering with Synapse has been a game changer for our team. Cultivating and maintaining relationships with our customers is what we built our business model around. Synapse’s portal has allowed us to do that as well as structure our workflow and better streamline internal processes. They have allowed us to create new avenues of revenue by creating access to additional populations within our current infrastructure. They have created a risk-free environment where we simply fulfill the orders as pushed to us. Simple!”

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