We’re on a mission to transform the DME industry with innovative solutions that improve experience, accountability and transparency for all. Getting the equipment you need when you need it shouldn’t be a hassle – and with us, it won’t be.

Here’s what happens when your order is placed with Synapse Health:

Order is placed in the appropriate Synapse Health portal by your prescriber.


Order is electronically signed by your doctor.


Synapse Health team members submit your claim with your health plan and handle all billing tasks.


Order is fulfilled by one of our vetted, trusted DME providers.


You will receive status updates on your order including delivery tracking within the patient portal.


Order is delivered directly to patient and training/education is provided.

We’ve built solutions to get you what you need when you need it – without the added headache. Here’s how order and fulfillment with Synapse Health benefits you:

Streamlined process with proven results. More than 90% of our orders are completed issue free due to our proprietary technology.

Your order will be fulfilled and delivered to you – whether at home or a care facility – complete with education on how to operate and clean your equipment.

Ethical processes ensuring you get proper, quality equipment via our network of trusted providers.

Peace of mind that your private information is safe and secure.

Order status tracker in the Connect portal so you aren’t left wondering where your order is or what stage of completion it’s in.

24/7 call center available to help you whenever you need it.

Single provider billing claims to your health plan.

Exceptional customer service.

Synapse Health is proud to be Your DME Connection.

Need assistance or information? Contact our support team at 1.888.33.MYDME.

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