Welcome, DME Providers!

We are excited to welcome you into our DME provider network as we work together to provide unmatched DME services to people throughout the Nation. When you join the Synapse Health network, you’ll experience an EPIC array of benefits:

Eliminate costs associated with sales, marketing and patient acquisition.

Process orders electronically

Improve working capital with timely payment

Cut risk associated with bad debt and claims

Your DME Connection

Synapse Health is your partner for seamless DME services. Together we can simplify, deliver and excel. Discover how our Connect solution makes it happen.

Prescriber places order in the Connect portal.

2 - Synchronizing Arrows

Order is routed to best matched DME provider within our subcontracted network (this could be you!).

3 - Opened Box

Order is fulfilled and delivered by selected DME provider, while Synapse Health handles claims, billing and patient education.

We’re excited to connect with you and show you the Synapse Health difference.
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How quickly can my organization join Synapse Health’s DME network?

After the DME provider completes the required paperwork, the enrollment process — including credentialing, contracting and onboarding for DME providers — typically takes around 45 days.

What incentives are offered for joining Synapse Health's DME network?

Synapse Health alleviates the administrative burdens that typically affect DME providers. Specifically, we handle crucial tasks such as patient eligibility and benefit verification, prior authorization, patient coordination, payment collection, claim submission and denials, health plan audits, and patient acquisition/referral efforts. This approach enables DME providers to concentrate their efforts on delivering high-quality products and services to their patients.

How does Synapse Health balance the distribution of order volume among its subcontracted DME providers to ensure optimal patient satisfaction?

Synapse Health employs a strategic approach to distribute order volume among its DME providers, prioritizing patient satisfaction and timely access to DME products. By leveraging performance metrics and quality indicators, Synapse Health ensures that orders are allocated to DME providers who can deliver exceptional service and meet patient needs effectively. This results in a seamless experience for patients while enabling DME providers to maximize their operational efficiency and performance within the Synapse Health network.

Is it mandatory for DME providers to fulfill every order they receive from Synapse Health?

DME providers participating in Synapse Health’s Network share their product availability and geographic service coverage areas as part of enrollment. It is expected that providers accept orders that match their products and the services they have agreed to provide under the subcontracting arrangements. This ensures efficient order fulfillment and optimal patient care. By aligning orders with a provider’s capabilities and geographic reach, Synapse Health maximizes order fulfillment rates while maintaining quality service standards.

How does Synapse Health's payment model benefit DME providers compared to traditional reimbursement methods?

Synapse Health’s payment model offers significant advantages to DME providers by eliminating various administrative overhead costs typically associated with claim management, patient acquisition, customer service and order qualification. Unlike traditional reimbursement methods, where these costs can erode the payment received by providers, Synapse Health’s streamlined approach ensures that DME providers receive the full value of their services without deductions for administrative expenses. This payment structure empowers providers to focus on delivering high-quality care to patients while maximizing their financial returns.

Does my organization submit claims to Synapse Health for DME services?

Synapse Health’s subcontracted DME providers are not required to submit claims to Synapse Health. Payments for completed/delivered orders are directly issued to subcontracted providers, in accordance with a pre-established fee schedule with Synapse Health. Consequently, DME providers are relieved from the responsibility of managing timely filing deadlines and addressing denied and rejected claims.

How does Synapse Health ensure quality customer service for patients receiving DME orders?

Synapse Health takes full responsibility for managing all aspects of customer service to ensure a seamless experience for patients. Our dedicated team handles patient inquiries, coordinates delivery schedules, assists with insurance-related queries and addresses any concerns or issues promptly. By entrusting these tasks to Synapse Health, DME vendors can focus on fulfilling orders while maintaining the pride they have in caring for patients.

What steps does Synapse Health take to ensure DME providers can easily integrate current processes and utilize the Synapse Health platform effectively?

Synapse Health is committed to facilitating a seamless experience for DME providers by prioritizing user-friendliness and accessibility in our platform design. We provide comprehensive training sessions tailored to the needs of DME providers and their employees, empowering them to navigate the platform with confidence. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and conduct regular reviews with DME providers, where we review DME provider-specific data, discuss operational wins and identify opportunities for improvement. This combined approach enables DME providers to optimize their performance and deliver exceptional care to patients effectively.