Synapse Health’s 2024 Inaugural EPIC Awards

Celebrating and honoring team members who have embodied our company's core values: Experience, Partnership, Integrity and Change

In a world where excellence is paramount, the Synapse Health team has consistently gone above and beyond, setting new standards of achievement in their respective roles. Earlier this year, we gathered in-person to celebrate these achievements and recognize those individuals who personified our company’s core values at our inaugural Synapse Health EPIC awards ceremony.

The awards

  • Our Experience award acknowledges those who provided differentiated experiences for stakeholders and team members, actively sought out feedback and ensured every interaction was meaningful.
  • In the spirit of Partnership, we honor those who seek diverse input, persistently serve others and champion collaboration, believing wholeheartedly that together, we can achieve more.
  • The recipient of our Integrity award communicates with honesty, persists in the face of challenges, and does what is right, even when it is hard.
  • The Change award recognizes composure, embracing opportunities for growth, infusing creativity and innovation into their work and taking smart risks in pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • Our EPIC award celebrates a team member who embodies all Synapse core values, exemplified excellence in every aspect of their work, embodying the epic spirit that’s Synapse Health.

We were delighted to recognize 5 epic team members who went above and beyond over the last year, showcasing our values in action throughout their daily work, conversations with team members and commitment to growing the Synapse mission.

Congratulations Cosette, Andrea, Kim, Nate and Kate! Your dedication, passion and commitment to Synapse Health’s core values have elevated the organization and industry. Together, let’s continue shaping the future of Synapse Health and transforming the DME industry.

Learn more about our company values and how we’re on a journey to be a catalyst for change across the DME ecosystem.