Courtney Sudac

Courtney Sudac

Get to know Synapse Health's team members through our Epic Connections blog series! Our Vendor Implementation Coordinator, Courtney Sudac is responsible for the successful roll out of our new provider agreements within our Synapse Health DMEPOS network, which includes onboarding and training providers on our platforms - get to know her!

What career path were you on previous to your role?
I provided nutrition education to prenatal and postpartum women, infants and children. I also provided breastfeeding support as a Certified Lactation Consultant.

What led you to Synapse Health?
LinkedIn goes a long way! I found out about this opportunity from another Synapse employee who I went to high school with. Once I had my interviews, I was drawn into the culture but also Synapse’s vision. I knew I wanted a change in my career and thought this would be a great opportunity to continue to help patients but from behind the scenes by training providers to provide quick but quality service.

As part of the Synapse Health team, what are you most looking forward to in the coming year?
As Synapse Health continues to grow, I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and continuing to onboard and train new providers onto our platform. It is important to me to conduct thorough training to ensure quality service to the patient while building a strong partnership with the provider.

What does it mean to you/what does it look like to be at the forefront of impacting and transforming the DME industry?
The Vendor Implementation Team has the opportunity to set the tone with providers’ first experience with Synapse Health when they officially partner with us. This makes a huge impact as well as being a part of the transformation of the DME Industry as a whole. I love that our vision allows us to always put our best foot forward to drive accountability, integrity, transparency and innovative solutions.

What is something about you or that you have experienced in your life that has developed who you are and the ways in which you show up professionally?
My previous role involved working with economically disadvantaged families who often had a lot going on. I quickly became a patient advocate for them to ensure they got the services they needed. When you can take a step back and meet people where they are, it really changes your perspective on life. Although I am no longer working face-to-face with patients, my current role motivates me to train providers to the best of my ability so that I am doing my part in helping patients be treated with the utmost respect and quality service. At Synapse, we are given the opportunity every day to help alleviate some of the patients’ stress while they are facing difficulties in their lives.

If someone was considering applying to/joining the Synapse Health team, what would you tell them?
DO IT! I cannot stress enough that the culture at Synapse Health is exceptional. Although many employees work remotely, the company does a great job of still bringing the team together whether that be a virtual town hall, company-sponsored events — such as desk yoga — or level-up learning sessions.


Stay tuned for more EPIC connections. And in the meantime, if you are looking to join a team that is on a mission to transform healthcare, check out our open positions.